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Project Nehemiah is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to rebuild healthy lifestyles of  faith, marriage, family and community through education and training specifically designed to restore the morals and values that have been abandoned by our society.

Established in 2006, Project Nehemiah is providing religious and community leaders and the community at large with educational training, development and certification in marriage counseling and parenting, as well as training for employment, entreprenuership, financial stability, healthy living and family restoration.

Project Nehemiah’s name is based on the Holy Scriptures book of Nehemiah in which the prophet Nehemiah surveys the delapidated wall in Jerusalem, develops a strategic plan, recruits and empowers the people to work and rebuilds the wall despite opposition.

In surveying our community and the communities throughout Cincinnati and the world, we understand that the “walls” have been destroyed and they must be rebuilt. Faith has been substituted for money, power and greed, marriages have ended or never been established, thus leaving homes broken, children vulnerable, families divided and communities destroyed. 

Project Nehemiah is an organized effort of faith, marriage, family and community restoration through various programs designed to “rebuild the wall” and reestablish strong communities. Project Nehemiah is an outreach ministry of the Church of the Living God.

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Project Nehemiah
A ministry of the Church of the Living God.
For more information, to make donations,
or to volunteer in any of our programs, please contact us at
434 Forest Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45229
(513) 569-5664 (office) (513) 569-5661 (fax)
or email us at
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